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baton twirler
The Cheer Girl - GA The Cheer Girl - GA The Cheer Girl - GA The Cheer Girl - GA
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The Chasity-Pink

This twirling costume features large sections of  fuchsia SS18 and black SS1 superstretch edged in 1/2" silver stretch sequins and their complimenting lycra LW20. There is a row of 3" silver zigzag fringe at the hips and multiple rows of 2" silver zigzag fringe around the mid-section. Single-row sequin swirls accent the superstretch. There is black powernet PN1 around the midsection. This solo twirling costume really shines on the floor or field and can be made in any color combination.

Price shown does not include stones.

Child I: $345.00

Child II: $370.00

Adult I: $420.00

Adult II: $445.00